= Required

Parameter Description Output
title This defines the title of the Infobox (the text at the top). This should be the official name of the state/province/territory/etc.

Example: Pennsylvania

  • title = Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
img If the flag is not automatically showing up, use this variable to define the filepath to the flag.

Example: Georgia (U.S. state)

  • img = File:Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg
country This defines the country that the state/province/territory/etc. is a part of.

Example: Queensland

  • country = Australia
State of Flag of Australia.svg Australia
capital This defines the capital (if there is one) of the state/province/etc.

Example: Kansas

  • capital = Topeka
Capital: Topeka
largest This simply defines the largest city in the state/province/etc.

Example: Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

  • largest = Calgary
Largest City: Calgary
wikipedia This is the link to the Wikipedia page of the territory. This makes it easier for the viewer to find more information that isn't listed on the page.

Example: Vermont

Vermont Wikipedia
type This defines what type of territory it is. Used in the "State/Province/etc. of Country" banner.

Example: Manitoba

  • type = Province
Province of Flag of Canada.svg Canada