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Contributing to this wiki is by no means a requirement to use the site. However, if you have information that you would like to share with other players, follow the steps below.

Submitting New Information

Editing a Page

Visual Editor

To use the visual editor, click the "Edit" button on the left of the search bar. For most people, the visual editor is the most intuitive way to add content to a page.

Source Editor

To use the source editor, click the "Edit source" button on the left of the search bar. This editor gives you access to the source content. If you are familiar with editing Wikipedia, you may prefer this over the Visual Editor.

Creating a Page

Want to make a page that you can't find elsewhere on the site? Follow these steps:

  1. Use the search bar in the top left and search what you want to create.
  2. If there is already a page for that topic, follow Editing a Page. If there isn't a page, select the link in "Create the Page: 'x' on this wiki!"



Want to upload an image? There are three different ways you can do this:

Images from Wikipedia/WikiMedia Commons (Preferred)

The preferred way to display images is to get the image from the MediaWiki Commons.

Link Method:

  • All you have to do is paste the Image URL. To get this on Google Chrome, right-click the image and select "Open image in new tab" and copy the URL at the top.

Upload Method

  1. Upload the image via the Upload page.
  2. Take note of the title of the page. (For example, File: Image.png).
  3. Insert the title in between double brackets.

Flag Next to Link

Having the flag next to a country name can make it easier to navigate your page. To do this, reference the Template:FlagLink template using:

{{FlagLink|link = ''link''}}

{{FlagLink|link = United States}} looks like Flag of United States.svg United States


Infoboxes are the tables of information on the right of most pages. For this wiki, they typically have some of the most important information about a country, language, content creator, etc. They can be hard to create. To make things easier for the editor, templates are used for almost all Infoboxes. Listed below are some Infobox templates that you can use for the page you want to create. All you have to do is copy and paste the necessary box, then ad any of the optional parameters you see fit. Finally, make the parameters equal to your specifications.

Standard Infobox Template


Country Infobox Template

This is the Infobox that should be used on Country pages.

To put this on a page, copy and populate the following parameters:

| title = 
| country = 
| img
| region = 
| language = 
| ws = 
| side = 
| wikipedia = 
| capital = 
| largest = 
| domain = 
| phone = 
| generation = 
| ter = 
| eu = 
| br = 

To find out what each parameter does, go to the Template:CountryIB page.

State Infobox Template


| title = 
| country = 
| capital = 
| largest = 
| wikipedia = 
| type = 

Language Infobox Template


| title =
| script =
| img =
| wikipedia =
| list =