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The majority of links will only need "link" defined.
{{FlagLink|link=United Arab Emirates}}
Flag of United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates
Sometimes there may be errors, or you may want to customize the link further.
{{FlagLink|link=Netherlands|img=File:Flag of Netherlands.svg|text=The Netherlands}}
Flag of Netherlands.svg The Netherlands

= Required

Parameter Description Output
link Define "link" with the page you wish to link to. This is the only variable you need in most cases. If there are errors, or you wish to alter the formatting, reference the below variables.

Example: Senegal

  • link = Senegal

Flag of Senegal.svg Senegal

img If there is an error with the flag image, use "img" to point to the source of the image. When you define "img", it must start with "File:". This means that URLs will not work. Reference Help:General for more information about using images.

Example: Uruguay

  • img = File:Flag of Uruguay.svg

Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay

text If you would like to alter the link text, use the "text" parameter. Simply define it as the text you would like it to read out as.

Example: Georgia (U.S. state)

  • text = Georgia
  • link = Georgia (U.S. state)

Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Georgia