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The Netherlands
In Battle Royale
In the Flag of Europe.svg European Union
Flag of Netherlands.svg
Region: West Europe
Language: Dutch
Writing System: Latin
Driving Side: Right
Domain: .nl
Phone Code: +31
Camera Gen: 2, 3 ,4

The Netherlands is a country in western Europe on the North Sea. It is characterised by its flatness.

Official languages are Dutch and Frisian, however the latter may only occur in a single province.

Useful Knowledge

Car Meta

License Plates

A Dutch license plate

License plates are yellow with black text, on the front and rear of cars. Like all countries in the Flag of European Union.svg European Union, they have a blue marker on the left. Trailers have white license plates with black text, and may not have the blue European marker. Old cars, from before 1986, may use a license plate with white letters on a dark blue background.

There exist blue and green plates, but these are so rare that they are unnecessary for identifying the country.

Road Signs

Both signs for street names and city limits are blue with white letters.



Highways and main roads are numbered, all numbers are unique. [National highways] start with an A, followed by a number. On signs they are typeset as white letters on a red background. Regional roads start with an N, followed by a number. These are typeset on signs using black letters on a yellow background. Roads may have both a national and regional number.

There may be roads labeled with an E, followed by a number. These are roads in the Internation E-road network.

Area Codes

The first number in landline phone numbers is mostly ordered by region. Mobile phone numbers always start in 06.

Postal Codes

Postal codes in The Netherlands consist of four numbers followed by two letters. It is unlikely to identify a location by postal code as they are rare in Google Street View.