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Belgium is a country situated in western Europe, north of France. Its nothern part is Dutch whereas its southern part is French. German is also a an official language in the capital, Brussels.

Kingdom of Belgium
In Battle Royale
In the Flag of Europe.svg European Union
Flag of Belgium.svg
Capital City: Brussels
Region: West Europe
Languages: Dutch, French, German
Writing System: Latin
Driving Side: Right
Domain: .be
Phone Code: +32
Camera Gen: 2, 3, 4

Useful Knowledge

Car Meta

License Plates

License plates are according to the European Union style, with a blue marker on the left. Unlike any other country in the European Union, the license plate has red text on a white background. Generally, this can been seen even when blurred.

Road Signs

Signs of street names do not necessarily have a single type. Some may have the name of the city on them, which makes identification of the location easier.

Note in the images below that there may be different types of traffic signs to indicate the city limit and/or the name of the city or town.



Area Codes

Postal Codes