Country Battle

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Country Battle is a battle royale game mode in GeoGuessr, where the player competes with others in real time.

Game Dynamics

A game starts with (at most) 10 players.

In a round, all players are placed somewhere in the world. Every player is placed at the same location and all have to try to guess the country. Each player has three guesses in each round. There is a timer indicating time until the end of a round.

In the column on the right, all players are listed including their how many guesses they have left. The flags of incorrect guesses of all players are available to anyone.

When the timer runs out, all players who did not guess correctly are eliminated. If no player guessed correctly, everyone moves on to the next round.


Reason Experience Note
Position 1st = 82 XP?
2nd = ...
Based on the player's final position
Winner 18 XP Only awarded to first place
Spare life 2 XP per life Awarded for any position, sum of unused lives in all rounds
No power-ups 30 XP
Speed bonus ?
Difficult round ?

Playing style

Power ups

Power ups were introduced in March 2021, only for private games.