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Kyrgyz Republic
In Battle Royale
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg
Capital City: Bishkek
Region: Central Asia
Languages: Kyrgyz, Russian
Writing System: Cyrillic
Driving Side: Right
Domain: .kg
Phone Code: +996
Camera Gen: 3

Useful Knowledge

  • Kyrgyz cars have a unique license plate with a red rectangle with and yellow symbol on the left.
  • Much of this country's coverage is in the capital city Bishkek

Car Meta

Kyrgyzstan Google car.png

Kyrgyzstan has a roof rack/bars if you look down.

License Plates

Pelak shakhsi Kyrgyzstan 2009.png

Licence plates have a red rectangle with a yellow symbol on the left of the plate.

Road Signs



Area Codes

Postal Codes



Most of the street view coverage is near/around the capital city, but outside the city the landscape is arid and mountainous.