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Taiwan, officially known as Republic of China, is an island off the coast of mainland China. It can be most easily be identified by its mixed use of the Latin and Chinese writing systems.

Republic of China
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Flag of Taiwan.svg
Capital City: Taipei
Region: East Asia
Language: Mandarin
Writing System: Chinese
Driving Side: Right
Domain: .tw
Phone Code: +886
Camera Gen: 2, 3, 4

Useful Knowledge

Most locations will be on the main island of Taiwan. Note that there are a various small islands which are also part of Taiwan: Kinmen County, Penghu County, Green Island, Orchid Island, and Lienchiang County. All these areas are also covered by Google Street View.

Car Meta

License Plates

Road Signs

Main roads signs are labelled both in Chinese and Latin. This makes it easier to identify cities and townships for people not familiar with the Chinese writing system.


Taiwan uses a multi-tier system to label their roads.

National highways are the highest tier. They are labelled using numbers 1-10. On road signs, they are depicted using a figure of a plum blossom (the national flower).

The second tier are the provincial highways. Numbers 1-39 are labelled using a blue sign. Road numbers 61-88 use a red sign with a blue border.

Roads running through counties use numbers 101-205. These are depicted on a white sign. Some road number may have 甲 (or in some cases 乙 or 丙) appended, which should be read as a (or b and c, respectively). These indicate branches of the road.

At the lowest level, there are township and district roads. These can be recognised by a prefix (a Chinese character) to indicate the region. They are generally inconvenient to use to identify a location, unless the region is known.



Area Codes

Postal Codes