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US State Streak is a streak game mode in GeoGuessr, the player will be placed in any US state. They have to answer in which state they were placed. With every correct guess, the streak increases by 1. If a guess is incorrect, the game will end and the user can start a new game from 0 streak.

Playing style

There are various ways to identify the state. Some of which are detailed on the United States wiki page.

Highway signs

Many states can easily be identified by their highway sign. These are most often located at junctions. Some states use signs for county roads, those may be different from state roads.

Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Rhode Island and Vermont all use highway signs with the state's name, state's abbreviation, or geographical shape of the state. This makes them easy to identify.

Highway sign Used in state Note
File:Washington highway sign.png Washington
File:Oregon highway sign.png Oregon Similar to Virginia, but clearly different
File:Utah highway sign.png Utah
File:Colorado highway sign.png Colorado Contains the flag
File:Kansas highway sign.png Kansas
File:NewMexico highway sign.png New Mexico
File:Delaware highway sign.png Iowa, Mississippi, Delaware, New Jersey There may be slight differences, but there are likely better ways to identify the state
File:Wisconsin highway sign.png Wisconsin
File:Michigan highway sign.png Michigan Similar to North Carolina, except has an M above the road number
File:Pennsylvania highway sign.png Pennsylvania
File:NewYork highway sign.png New York
File:WestVirginia highway sign.png Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, West Virginia There may be slight differences, but there are likely better ways to identify the state
File:NewHampshire highway sign.png New Hampshire
File:Hawaii highway sign.png Hawaii
File:Virginia highway sign.png Virginia Similar to Oregon, but clearly different
File:NorthCarolina highway sign.png North Carolina Similar to Michigan, but without an M

Some states are missing, I haven't figured out which ones.




Users can earn badges by reaching a certain streak. These are awarded as soon as the player reaches the streak.


Medals are awarded for the highest score. Since the highest score is only updated after a game, medals are also only awarded when a game ends.

Medal Minimum Streak
Gold <56
Silver ?
Bronze 1