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Distance Battle is a battle royale game mode in GeoGuessr, where the player competes with others in real time.

Game Dynamics

A game starts with 4 to 10 players. In each round, the worst performer is eliminated.

In a round, all players are placed somewhere in the world. Every player is placed at the same location and all have to try to make a guess with minimum distance from the true location. There is a timer indicating time until the end of a round, each round is 60 seconds. Players have to make at least one guess (including clicking the 'guess' button, unlike Country Battle) per round. Everyone starts with 5 guesses, and can earn more for future rounds as described in bonus guesses. After each guess there is a cooldown period of a few seconds until the next guess (as depicted by a shrinking circle in the right column).

In the column on the right, all players are listed including how many guesses they have left. After the player has guessed, their position relative to other players is shown: If they are not the only player who made a guess, a relative distance is shown to the one player closer to the target, and to the one player further from the target.

When the timer runs out, the player with the furthest guess is eliminated. If there are players who did not guess at all, those are eliminated instead.

If the player did not guess yet, and at least one other player made a guess, a notification "Heads up, you're in last place!" is shown. While it is true that the player will be eliminated when they do not make a guess, the notification is quite uninformative in the early stages of a round.

Bonus guesses

Users start a game with 5 guesses, and can earn more guesses for future rounds.

Bonus Note
Saved guesses Unused guesses from previous rounds
Survived round (+1) Awarded if the user is not eliminated
Correct area (+1) Awarded if the user's best guess was in the correct country
Close guess (+1) Awarded if the user's best guess was within a certain (fixed) distance


Reason Experience Note
Position 1st = 154 XP
2nd = 138 XP
Based on the player's final position
Winner 36 XP Only awarded to first place
Spare life 4 XP per life Awarded for any position

Playing style